When Deciding on Kitchen Tiles, Here Are a Few Things to Consider

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Renovating a kitchen can be an exciting activity for homeowners. However, it can be easy to overlook the tiles in the buzz and excitement of getting a brand-new kitchen. But kitchen tiles will impact the overall function and look of the area, so it pays to consider your choice of kitchen tiles carefully. Whatever style you are hoping to incorporate in the design of your kitchen, here are a couple of elements to consider when choosing kitchen tiles.

Kitchen Layout & Style

When shopping for kitchen tiles, work with the overall style and layout of your kitchen and home. The market is filled with an astounding array of tiles. If you’re looking for a contemporary, industrial, or country feel, different styles of tiles can help you achieve that look.

Your kitchen size also matters because you can use tiles to help make the space look larger. For example, using the same tiles on the floor and walls can make your kitchen look more spacious and cohesive. Larger tiles in smaller kitchens help make the area airier.

If you want kitchen tiles with unique shapes, remember that these need to be laid out carefully and individually, affecting the project’s overall cost.

Grouting & Colour

Choosing tile colours can be a challenging task. Avoid colours that are likely to look dated in a few years. Also, make sure your tile colours work with your kitchen, especially your cabinets. Pale colours reflect more light, and darker tiles can make the kitchen feel cozy or sophisticated.

Durability & Scratch Resistance

Busy home kitchens often require strong tiles that don’t easily crack or get damaged from daily wear and tear. Laminate tiles are very scratch- and abrasion-resistant, and slab tiles have properties that can remain unchanged even after frequent traffic and cleaning. Consider where the tiles will be placed in your kitchen and how often you will likely have to clean them.

Textures & Patterns

When shopping for kitchen tiles, also check out tile patterns and textures. Would a matte or polished finish be better for your kitchen? The finish primarily comes down to personal preference. For example, smooth glazed tiles are easy to clean, while natural terra cotta tiles create a unique textured style.

Textured tiles can define kitchens, but they’re generally tougher to clean. Textured tiles also have more grout lines and uneven surfaces. Patterned tiles can also make a bold statement in kitchens, but having too many pattern tiles in large spaces can be overwhelming.

Selecting the best kitchen tiles is a crucial decision, regardless of whether you’re designing a new kitchen or just giving the area an update. Consider the splashback tiles as well as the tiles on your kitchen floor to give your home a new look.

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