5 Reasons Why Splashback Tiles Are a Good Idea

A splashback is a wall-mounted panel behind a cooker or sink and does what the name implies—it protects the wall from splashes. Splashbacks come in all shapes and sizes and are usually custom-built to fit the room. They are most often installed in kitchens and bathrooms.

Common places for kitchen splashbacks include the wall area around the back of the sink or behind the hob. However, splashbacks can also be placed in the space between the worktop and the upper row of cabinets. Read on to learn about a few reasons why splashback tiles are a good idea to install.


The first major reason why splashback tiles are a good idea is that they’re affordable to install. Since they’re inexpensive, homeowners can regularly change their tiles to update the kitchen’s style and look. If a tile cracks or gets damaged, you can sometimes replace a single tile, saving you from having to replace the whole thing.

According to tile experts, the cost of tiled kitchen splashbacks varies, depending on the tile material, colour, pattern, size, grout, and adhesive used. The experts say that the costs could run from $35 to $250 per square meter. An average-size kitchen usually costs around $400 to install a splashback.

Low Maintenance

Another advantage of splashback tiles is that they’re easy to clean. Wiping dirty tiles with a sponge and a detergent of your choice is all it takes to clean them. Kitchen tile experts say that Corian tiles and other solid surface materials are the most challenging to clean and maintain.

Character & Style

Tiles provide a unique opportunity to display your room’s character. From the tile colour you choose to the layout and pattern of the tiles, you can put your stamp on the room and make a visual feature.

Protection & Hygiene

No matter the material, splashbacks are generally very hygienic. They can be wiped and cleaned regularly to prevent the presence of germs, viruses, and cross-contamination. Apart from protecting the health of everyone at home, splashback tiles also prevent stains, dirt, and damage or marks on your walls.


Wall panels can be decorative items, especially in bathrooms and showers. Many interior designers love experimenting with tiles and mosaics. Adhesive and Perspex splashbacks can also be decorative pieces because you can mix and match colours or add a vinyl wrap over the top.

Splashback tiles have many uses in the home and can be a valuable upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom.

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