Are you planning a major overhaul of your kitchen? Maybe you want to spruce up one area. If you’re going to replace your kitchen tiles Brisbane, choosing the right tiles matters. Kitchen tiles protect areas of your kitchen and can change the overall look of the room. They should be durable, easy to clean, and look spectacular. When shopping for tiles for your kitchen, read on to learn why you can’t look past Urban Tile Company.

What Are the Different Types of Kitchen Tiles?

There’s an enormous array of kitchen tiles Brisbane available. The tiles come in various designs and colours, and there are many finishes. You can find kitchen tiles to create a look you love.

An excellent place to start is looking at ceramic tiles. These are popular because they’re affordable for the kitchen. These are ideal for walls, although some are not suitable for the floor. If you want to buy ceramic tiles for the kitchen, make sure they are designed to withstand the wear and tear of busy places.

Porcelain tiles are usually fired at higher temperatures than their ceramic counterparts and have a high density, making them long-lasting. These are great for kitchen floors and walls.

Glass tiles help to add extra sparkle and glitz to kitchens. And with multi-coloured glass mosaics among the option, these can make a fantastic focal point for the kitchen. You can also pick gloss tiles. They are reflective and help brighten kitchens. Gloss kitchen tiles Brisbane are also very easy to clean and wipe down.

Matt tiles have a flat finish. Although they look less prominent than the light-catching gloss versions, they’re a cost-efficient way to introduce subtle contrast with other kitchen surfaces.

Why Choose Urban Tile Company?

If you’re shopping for kitchen tiles Brisbane, don’t look past the Urban Tile Company. They have a team of tile specialists who are well-versed and experienced in the tile industry.

These experts can help with tile layout, colour selection, and finishing details. They will help you make your vision a reality. Their advice comes at no extra cost to ensure your project is given all the assistance it needs.

Choosing the perfect kitchen tiles Brisbane for your project is crucial. Urban Tile Company offers samples that you can take home to make this process seamless and stress-free. Once you’ve selected the right tile for your kitchen, contact the store’s sales team by telephone or email.

Urban Tile Company has over 33 years of industry expertise. This family-owned and operated business prides itself on high-quality products for various budgets and tastes.

Home swimming pools are the focal point of any outdoor space and can complement your home by adding a touch of luxury and class. However, swimming pools require a lot of upkeep to keep them safe and attractive. A significant component to a pool is the pool tiles Brisbane you install in and around the pool area. If you’re shopping for tiles for your swimming pool, check out Urban Tile Company. They have the best pool tiles in Brisbane.

Pool Tile Basics

Before looking at the perks of buying pool tiles Brisbane at Urban Tile Company, let’s talk about pool tile basics. Swimming pool tiles need to withstand either being submerged in water or exposed to very wet and humid conditions.

This type of tile can be installed in and around swimming pools, spas, and other outdoor areas. These tiles can withstand continuous contact with water, fluctuations in temperature, and other outside weather elements.

Swimming pool tiles are designed to meet the aesthetic, durability, and maintenance requirements of wet and humid outdoor environments. The best place to get them is at the Urban Tile Company, as they pride themselves on high-quality products. Their products are customized to suit each customer’s budget and design preferences.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Pool Tiles

When shopping for pool tiles Brisbane, you need to consider many factors to choose the right ones for your swimming pool or spa.

The first thing to consider is tile material. The material should hold up to water, heat, and the overall exterior environment. When assessing swimming pool tile material, durability is the key factor.

The next factor to consider is tile colour. The colour of the pool tiles Brisbane you buy should create a harmonious appearance with the pool and the surrounding area. Blue is the most common shade for swimming pools because it gives the water a clean, inviting look. Don’t pick colours that are too vibrant or neutral, as these could take away from the look of your swimming pool.

The next aspect to consider when shopping for swimming pool tiles Brisbane is tile size and pattern. This aspect is mainly based on your preferences. The designs and size of the tiles should also complement your pool’s overall size and the décor of the surrounding area. You can also get pool tile styles that are currently popular to add more value to your pool area.

Urban Tile Company is the best place to get pool tiles. It is a family-owned and operated business with over 33 years of industry expertise. The company also has an excellent design centre, which offers customers an unrivalled tile selection experience.

At first, shopping for kitchen tiles may look like a straightforward process. However, the process becomes more complex when you factor in durability, price, maintenance, and style. If you’re looking for high-quality kitchen tiles Brisbane and want professional advice, here’s why you pass up the Urban Tile Company.

The Company Can Help You Make Your Vision a Reality

Whether you’re planning a major kitchen renovation or want to change one component of your kitchen, Urban Tile Company can help. They want to make your vision a reality and help you get what you want.

The store’s team of experts can assist you with anything related to tiles, from layout to colour selection. They can give advice on finishing, maintenance, and the overall look as well. They are very proud to offer these services to you at no extra cost to ensure your project turns out the way you want it.

Because tile choice is a long-lasting decision, choosing the right kitchen tiles Brisbane is essential. To make the process of picking the perfect tile fun, Urban Tile Company can provide you with samples of their products in-store.

You can then take the samples to your home or business and easily create the style you want in your home, retail outlet, or office. Once you’ve finally found a tile design that you love, you can place your order and get started on your project.

They’re the Country’s Foremost Tile Specialists

When renovating kitchens or any part of the home, it pays to consider the quality of the material. High-traffic areas need to be easily maintained and be made from durable materials. Choose high-quality kitchen tiles Brisbane tiles from the wide selection available at Urban Tile Company.

The company is hailed as Australia’s leading tile expert. They take pride in offering options to suit various tastes and budgets. The Urban Tile Co. is also a proudly family-owned and operated business, working in the industry for more than 33 years. They are famed for providing customers with the widest selection of tiles. They are also well-known for providing the best advice on tile design and installation.

The company’s innovative and groundbreaking tile design centre also offers an unsurpassed tile-shopping experience. Here, the staff are happy to help customers discover what they need for their project.

A visit to the tile design centre will also open your eyes to handcrafted options that are unique. The centre can also help you effectively create amazing visual concepts for all your tile-related projects. Urban Tile Company can help with new builds or renovations.

If you’re searching for an industry leader in kitchen tiles Brisbane and more, head to Urban Tile Company. They have competitive prices and helpful, knowledgeable staff members. The company is also an excellent venue for those working in the interior design, architecture, and building industries. Their extensive networks of well-known and reputable manufacturers and suppliers have what you need for any project.

Kitchen tiles can make a statement and be a practical material that keeps your cooking area clean. Whether you want a major kitchen upgrade or want to update old tiles, here’s why the Urban Tile Company offers the best selection of kitchen and splashback tiles in town.

High-Quality Tiles Customized Your Tastes

Urban Tile Company has what you need whether you’re shopping for plain kitchen tiles or classy, high-end splashback tiles. They are renowned as one of Australia’s foremost tile experts.

The company offers high-quality tiles that can be customized to suit everyone’s tastes and budgets. The Urban Tile Company is a family-owned and operated business with more than 30 years of industry experience. They draw their strength from their extensive networks of well-known manufacturers and suppliers and provide clients with the latest tile designs and technology.

The company’s innovative design centre is located at 37 Smith Steet, Capalaba, and offers customers an unbeatable selection experience. With a focus on customers, the Urban Tile Company’s team can help you create a unique look in your kitchen, bathroom, or another area of your home.

Helpful Advice and Inspiration on Anything Tile-Related

Urban Tile Company can help you find the best bathroom tiles, swimming pool tiles or splashback tiles. If customers want expert advice and inspiration regarding tile design, installation, or maintenance, the company has a team of experts who can help. These tile specialists can offer sound, real-world advice on aspects like tile layout, colour selection, finishing, and more to make your vision a reality.

What’s best is that they provide this at no extra cost to you. The team can even give you a complete tour of their design centre. And, once you’ve found the type of tiles that you love, you can get a sample delivered to your home. The sample allows you to see the tile in your home to help you create the perfect look for your kitchen.

Although there are many options when it comes to redoing your kitchen floors, tiles remain popular for their aesthetic and cleanliness. Plus, they are perfect for high-traffic areas because of their durability. Tiles are easy to maintain, which is essential in messy areas like the kitchen.

If you’re unsure where to shop for splashback tiles or need expert advice on maintaining tiles effectively, the Urban Tile Company is the best place to go. You find the widest selection of high-quality tiles while getting professional advice and guidance on everything tile related. Contact Urban Tile Company today to get started.

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen serves as a refuelling hub for hungry family members, a gathering place, and a centrepiece of a home. That’s why more and more people are making their kitchens multi-functional areas. With a great design, the kitchen can include attractive features like splashbacks that make a statement and functional, classy tiles on the floor. When you’re shopping for unique tiles, here are a few reasons you shouldn’t pass up the Urban Tile Company.

The Urban Tile Company is One of Australia’s Foremost Tile Experts

Although there are a few different options when you are looking to redo your kitchen floors, tiles can be a great choice. They are an aesthetically pleasing option that is easy to maintain even in high-traffic areas.

If you aren’t sure where to start, the Urban Tile Company can be the place to go. They are hailed as one of Australia’s foremost tile specialists. The company prides itself on offering its customers high-quality products customized to suit the tastes and budgets of a wide range of projects.

The Urban Tile Company is a family-owned and operated business with over 33 years of experience in the industry. The company draws on their wide-reaching networks of premium-quality tile manufacturers. Working with these manufacturers allows Urban Tile Company to provide customers with the greatest selection of tile designs and the latest techniques used for installation.

The company also has an innovative Tile Design Centre, which offers clients the perfect shopping experience. Customers can get inspired and find the best tiles for their next renovation.

Get Expert Advice and Inspiration

Tiles offer durability, ease of maintenance, and timeless beauty, making them an ideal choice for residential and commercial establishments. Tiles are hypoallergenic, which can be especially helpful for those with allergies. They’re also generally low-maintenance and affordable. Since the kitchen can be a messy area of the home, it is essential to consider what may end up on the floor and have a material that can be easily wiped off.

If you want advice and inspiration regarding tiles selection, design, or installation, this company has experts who can help. The team can offer sound advice on tile layout, colour selection, and finishing to make your vision a reality. The experts at the Urban Tile Company are proud to provide this at no extra cost. They can also give you a tour of their design centre.

Once you’ve found the tiles you love in the store or on their website, you can get a sample delivered to your home. This sample can help you see the tile in your space to create the perfect areas in your kitchen.

The Urban Tile Company is an excellent place to go for all your tile-related needs. In addition to tiles for the kitchen, they also have great options for bathrooms, pools, outdoor spaces, and other areas of homes and businesses. Here, you can find unique products and styles at very competitive prices.

Residential and commercial kitchens are often bustling and crucial areas of homes and businesses. Much of our lives revolve around the preparation and consumption of food, and the areas we make and eat food become meaningful in less tangible ways. Although appliances and gadgets can make a difference in a kitchen, the kitchen tiles can also impact the room. Floor tiles can bring warmth and sophistication to kitchens, and they should withstand heavy foot traffic, water, spills, and more. If you’re looking for the best place to find kitchen tiles Brisbane, here’s why you should visit the Urban Tile Company.

One of Australia’s Foremost Tile Specialists

In a kitchen renovation, you may be thinking about cabinet upgrades or a splashback that make a statement. But make sure you don’t ignore your kitchen floor. When done right for aesthetics and function, your kitchen floor could be as stylish as other parts of your home.

If you’re searching for kitchen tiles Brisbane, one of the best places to go is Urban Tile Company. The store is hailed as one of Australia’s foremost tile specialists, and they pride themselves on high-quality products customized to each individual’s taste and budget.

The Urban Tile Company is a family-owned and operated business with over 33 years of industry experience. The company provides the greatest options in tile design and installation technology as they work with a network of premium tile manufacturers.

The company’s groundbreaking design centre also offers an unrivalled selection experience. The employees are there to help customers find what they require for their project. A visit to the design centre can open your eyes to unique handcrafted options that effectively create visual concepts for all your future tiling projects, new builds, and renovation requirements. Let your style be reflected in the kitchen.

If you’re looking for an industry leader with world-class products, style, and competitive prices, Urban Tile Company is the right place for you. They are also excellent to work with if you’re in the interior designer, architecture, or building industry

Offering the Best Tile Design Advice and Inspiration

If you’re looking for expert advice and inspiration about kitchen tiles Brisbane or any other type of tile, the team at the Urban Tile Company is experienced. These experts can assist you with anything related to tiles, from tile layout to colour selection and the finishing details. Let the team help you make your vision a reality. They are proud to offer this to you at no additional cost, if only to ensure that your project is given the full attention it deserves.

And with tile choices making for crucial, lasting decisions, picking the perfect tile for your project is of utmost importance. If you need samples of kitchen tiles Brisbane or tiles for another home improvement project, the Urban Tile Company offers samples of their products in-store. Take the samples home and find excited the style you want in your home.

Once you’ve found a tile design you love, contact the tile experts via telephone or email to get started on your project.

If you’re in the process of planning a major renovation in your home by changing your floor tiles, consider replacing your old floors with subway tiles. A subway tile is a thick, rectangular, low-fired glazed ceramic tile, traditionally 3’ by 6”. Today, this style comes in a wide array of sizes for home use. If you’re wondering about the best place to buy this type of tile, check out Urban Tile Company to look at their unique selection of tiles.

More on the Subway Tile

If this is the first time that you’ve heard of subway tiles, let’s dive into a few more details about them. The term was first coined in New York City in the early 1900s, as these tiles were first used in the city’s subway stations.

When designers were given the job of designing a bright, low-maintenance surface for the first subway station in 1904, the subway tile was born. They are made of ceramic tiles and are known for both their durability and timeless style.

The architects and designers of this period prioritized hygiene, stain resistance, and bacteria resistance. In addition, the white, glossy design of the first subway tile formed a highly reflective surface. The surface helped create a safe and sanitary feel for subway passengers who may have had concerns about travelling underground.

Since its inception and development in 1904, subway tiles went on to be the floor tile of choice in

other major transportation hubs. Then, this type of tile began to make its way into kitchens and bathrooms commercially and in residential homes.

Over 100 years have passed since this tile was first used, and it remains a favourite for homes, offices, and businesses. This type of tile has also managed to create a design that’s impactful and easy to maintain.

Why Buy Subway Tiles at Urban Tile Company?

If you’re interested in subway tiles, you may be wondering why you should get them at Urban Tile Company. The company is hailed as one of Australia’s foremost tile specialists. They pride themselves on having a wide range of high-quality products customized to suit each customer’s tastes and budget.

The company is also a family-owned and operated business with over 33 years of industry experience and expertise. They work with quality manufacturers to provide outstanding designs for all of your renovation projects.

Their top-rated Design Centre also offers a wonderful way to see all that Urban Tile Company has to offer. Their team is dedicated to creating the ultimate tile-shopping experience for all their customers.

If you plan to do a major home upgrade, like a tiling project, it’s best to have a plan. If you want to redo your kitchen or bathrooms, you should know where to go for the best tiles. According to experts on floor tiles, ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most popular options. However, there are also cement, metal, glass, and stone tiles. To help you make the right decision, find out why Urban Tile Company has the best selection of floor tiles in town.

Family-Owned and Operated Business with 33 Years of Experience

One great reason you should check out the selection of floor tiles at the Urban Tile Company is that they’re a family-owned and operated business. They have over 33 years of industry expertise. The company also draws on its extensive network of quality manufacturers to provide customers with the latest in tile technology, designs, and selections.

Design Centre Will Has a Wide Display of Tiles

If you’re shopping for floor tiles, look no further than Urban Tile Company’s Tile Design Centre. It is an inspiring venue that creates visual concepts for all its customer’s future projects, new builds, and renovation needs.

Here, there is so much to admire on display. A visit to the Design Centre showcases great products and styles that make Urban Tile Company is an industry leader. They also provide competitive prices, regardless of the size or scope of your project.

Team of Tile Specialists Who Can Offer Assistance

If you’re searching for advice and inspiration with floor tiles, splashbacks, or other tile projects, their team can help. The specialists are experienced in the tile industry. They can offer customers assistance and advice from tile layout and colour selection to finishing details. The company is proud to offer these at no additional cost. Their goal is to ensure that new builds or renovation projects are given the full attention they deserve.

Since choosing floor tiles is a lasting decision, it’s imperative that you pick the perfect tile for your home or office. To make this process easier, the Urban Tile Company offers samples of their products in-store. Try them in your space and find the perfect style for your home.

Contact the team at Urban Tile Company by phone or email, and they can organize a sample to be delivered right to your door. With a great selection of tiles, a fantastic showroom, and a professional staff, you can find the right style and design of tiles for your project.

A splashback is a wall-mounted panel behind a cooker or sink and does what the name implies—it protects the wall from splashes. Splashbacks come in all shapes and sizes and are usually custom-built to fit the room. They are most often installed in kitchens and bathrooms.

Common places for kitchen splashbacks include the wall area around the back of the sink or behind the hob. However, splashbacks can also be placed in the space between the worktop and the upper row of cabinets. Read on to learn about a few reasons why splashback tiles are a good idea to install.


The first major reason why splashback tiles are a good idea is that they’re affordable to install. Since they’re inexpensive, homeowners can regularly change their tiles to update the kitchen’s style and look. If a tile cracks or gets damaged, you can sometimes replace a single tile, saving you from having to replace the whole thing.

According to tile experts, the cost of tiled kitchen splashbacks varies, depending on the tile material, colour, pattern, size, grout, and adhesive used. The experts say that the costs could run from $35 to $250 per square meter. An average-size kitchen usually costs around $400 to install a splashback.

Low Maintenance

Another advantage of splashback tiles is that they’re easy to clean. Wiping dirty tiles with a sponge and a detergent of your choice is all it takes to clean them. Kitchen tile experts say that Corian tiles and other solid surface materials are the most challenging to clean and maintain.

Character & Style

Tiles provide a unique opportunity to display your room’s character. From the tile colour you choose to the layout and pattern of the tiles, you can put your stamp on the room and make a visual feature.

Protection & Hygiene

No matter the material, splashbacks are generally very hygienic. They can be wiped and cleaned regularly to prevent the presence of germs, viruses, and cross-contamination. Apart from protecting the health of everyone at home, splashback tiles also prevent stains, dirt, and damage or marks on your walls.


Wall panels can be decorative items, especially in bathrooms and showers. Many interior designers love experimenting with tiles and mosaics. Adhesive and Perspex splashbacks can also be decorative pieces because you can mix and match colours or add a vinyl wrap over the top.

Splashback tiles have many uses in the home and can be a valuable upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom.

Renovating a kitchen can be an exciting activity for homeowners. However, it can be easy to overlook the tiles in the buzz and excitement of getting a brand-new kitchen. But kitchen tiles will impact the overall function and look of the area, so it pays to consider your choice of kitchen tiles carefully. Whatever style you are hoping to incorporate in the design of your kitchen, here are a couple of elements to consider when choosing kitchen tiles.

Kitchen Layout & Style

When shopping for kitchen tiles, work with the overall style and layout of your kitchen and home. The market is filled with an astounding array of tiles. If you’re looking for a contemporary, industrial, or country feel, different styles of tiles can help you achieve that look.

Your kitchen size also matters because you can use tiles to help make the space look larger. For example, using the same tiles on the floor and walls can make your kitchen look more spacious and cohesive. Larger tiles in smaller kitchens help make the area airier.

If you want kitchen tiles with unique shapes, remember that these need to be laid out carefully and individually, affecting the project’s overall cost.

Grouting & Colour

Choosing tile colours can be a challenging task. Avoid colours that are likely to look dated in a few years. Also, make sure your tile colours work with your kitchen, especially your cabinets. Pale colours reflect more light, and darker tiles can make the kitchen feel cozy or sophisticated.

Durability & Scratch Resistance

Busy home kitchens often require strong tiles that don’t easily crack or get damaged from daily wear and tear. Laminate tiles are very scratch- and abrasion-resistant, and slab tiles have properties that can remain unchanged even after frequent traffic and cleaning. Consider where the tiles will be placed in your kitchen and how often you will likely have to clean them.

Textures & Patterns

When shopping for kitchen tiles, also check out tile patterns and textures. Would a matte or polished finish be better for your kitchen? The finish primarily comes down to personal preference. For example, smooth glazed tiles are easy to clean, while natural terra cotta tiles create a unique textured style.

Textured tiles can define kitchens, but they’re generally tougher to clean. Textured tiles also have more grout lines and uneven surfaces. Patterned tiles can also make a bold statement in kitchens, but having too many pattern tiles in large spaces can be overwhelming.

Selecting the best kitchen tiles is a crucial decision, regardless of whether you’re designing a new kitchen or just giving the area an update. Consider the splashback tiles as well as the tiles on your kitchen floor to give your home a new look.