It is undeniable that the tile world sees a range of trends similar to the fashion sector. One such trend at the moment is encaustic or encaustic look patterned tiles. The desire to create a unique space that is functional as it is insta-worthy is top on the list for many clients. Real encaustic tiles, while stunning, require sealing and are susceptible to chemicals. Encaustic-look tiles on the other hand don’t require sealing, are more hard-wearing and resistant to chemicals. The good news with this style; these tiles work wonderfully in a number of diverse spaces.

Decorative and patterned tiles work best in smaller spaces to create the greatest impact. This is why they are often used as feature tiles, appearing in splashbacks, bathrooms, bar or shop counter fronts, stair rises and even table tops. However, don’t be afraid to use them on a larger scale. These tiles are perfect for pools and outdoor areas as well. They are also a great way of revitalising and area of existing tiles by matching a pattern with what is already in place.

With a rise in distinctive, colourful and creative spaces using these tiles, we hope this is one trend that is here to stay.

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Tiles are an excellent and affordable way to create the ultimate outdoor area, both in look and usage. However, in order to get the most from an outdoor space, there are some important points to consider when choosing a tile.

Pressed Edge VS Rectified: Tiles have two main characteristics; either they are pressed edge or rectified. It is worthwhile contemplating which option is best for your project before choosing tiles. Rectified tiles require a space to be perfectly level where as pressed edge tiles are more forgiving to slightly uneven terrain. Depending on which option you choose, this can also affect your installation costs, so be sure to speak with your tiler first.

The Perfect Material: Generally outdoor tiles are glazed porcelain, which means they are durable and wear well over long periods of time. They don’t require sealing and unlike many natural alternatives on the market, such as wood and stone, porcelain tiles are resistant to abrasion, are UV stable and have a high endurance to chemicals or staining. These factors make them the most suitable outdoor surface, while also extremely low maintenance.

Giving it the Slip: Different glazes offer varying textures. This not only effects the feel of the tile but the slip rating. It is recommended to visit instore to test the feel of a tile on your feet and speak with staff about the slip rating. Commercial and residential properties have different standards for slip ratings so be sure to check what you are required to work within.

Looks just like it: With modern day technology in digital tile design, practically any look can be achieved with tiles! This includes timber decking, natural stone, concrete, marble look and many more.

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