How to choose the perfect tile for your next bathroom

Whether building or renovating your home one of the most exciting stages is making personalized styling choices to make your house feel truly like home. Sometimes overlooked, your bathroom is a haven for you to relax and unwind after a long day and tailoring to your liking can elevate the luxury of the space. With thousands of colours, textures, finishes, sizes, and shapes, bathroom tiles are the perfect way to personalize your bathroom and can transform the space and set the tone for the rest of the room.

Choosing an appropriate bathroom tile can be challenging, given the overwhelming choice afforded to you. However, there are several considerations that can help bring your vision to life and help you choose the perfect tiles for your space.

Ensure that the tile sizes are appropriate.

Before beginning your search for bathroom tiles in Brisbane, it is crucial to assess the appropriate size for the area they will be laid within. In a typical bathroom, it is common to see larger tiles laid on the bathroom floor, and smaller detailed tiles utilized within splashback or shower features. These design choices can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the room and when styled appropriately can create an impression of luxury and grandeur.

Larger tiles lend themselves to creating an illusion of a larger space, with fewer grout lines and greater tile surface area making the room appear bigger. Moreover, larger tiles help create a luxurious look and feel within the bathroom and their versatility matches a wide variety of styling aesthetics.

Feature tiles are a unique way to add contrast to your bathroom, with unique sizes and shapes drawing attention and complimenting larger tiles within the space. As feature tiles are typically smaller than floor tiles, they are a great tool to break up the space and can guide the eye towards various room elements, such as your shower, vanity, or bathtub.

Choose bathroom tiles that are easy to clean.

With tight budget restrictions, it can be tempting to opt for cheaper choices of tile, however, it is crucial to make maintenance considerations to find the perfect tile for your space. As a common error, customers may choose a tile that is affordable and matches their design plan but that is unsuitable for the area it will be laid. Natural or unsealed tiles may require rigorous cleaning methods due to their absorbent nature, making it challenging to keep your bathroom clean. It is instead recommended you discuss your requirements with a Brisbane tile professional to ensure that the tile you have selected meets your expectations and will look great for years to come.

Choose slip-resistant bathroom tiles.

Your bathroom can be a dangerous room with glass, sharp edges, and breakables posing a risk to safety in the event of a fall. When choosing bathroom floor tiles, your selection of tile must be slip-resistant, even when wet. Slip-resistant tiles can include a variety of features including a slip-resistant coating, a matte finish, or a slightly rough texture. High-gloss or polished tiles are not recommended for bathroom floor use due to their highly slippery nature and are best reserved for walls or as feature tiles within your bathroom. Consulting with an expert at a professional tile company in Brisbane can assist in making the safest choice for your home and helps take the guesswork out of your next tiling project.

Consider the tile’s colour.

 The colour of your bathroom tiles can be highly influential in the overall ‘feeling’ of the room and can help break up the room and guide the eye through the space. Bright and light colours can help expand the room and give an illusion of a more open and spacious room whereas dark colours can create a moodier and cozier atmosphere. Neutral hues are fantastic for keeping the design simple and basic, allowing your bathroom’s accessories to be the focal point and offering colour and décor rotation to keep the look fresh. Contrastingly, colourful tiles can add a splash of personality and can tie the room together with the use of accessories and linen to create a coherent and fun aesthetic.

With thousands of bathroom tile options, it can be challenging to find your perfect tile. However, with the experts at Urban Tile and the tips above, you are sure to find beautiful and functional options to transform your space.


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