5 Things to look for when choosing kitchen splashback tiles

With so many options to choose from, picking the right kitchen splashback tiles for your home can become overwhelming. Your kitchen splashback provides both a functional and design element to your kitchen, so there are a few key things to consider to ensure it perfectly complements your kitchen decor while protecting your walls effectively. To help you with your search, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things to look for when choosing kitchen splashback tiles Brisbane.

Colours and patterns

Kitchen splashback tiles come in a variety of colours and patterns. And while it may be tempting to simply select the one that catches your eye, a bit more thought needs to be put into choosing the right colour and pattern of your kitchen splashback. Namely, choosing a color and pattern that complements your kitchen’s overall design and color scheme.

Some factors to consider are:

  • Colours of your benchtops and cabinets: Your kitchen splashback tiles need to complement the colour scheme of your benchtop and cabinetry. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean going for the exact same colour/shade, but rather looking for splashback tiles that will work harmoniously with your overall colour palette. This could be via a similar colour or alternatively a perfect contrast that will make your kitchen pop! If you are opting for a similar colour, then consider a kitchen splashback that has more texture.
  • Light or dark: Again, consider your overall colour palette to determine whether a light or darker shade will work best for your kitchen. However, keep in mind a kitchen splashback can be used to brighten up an otherwise dark kitchen and create a more open and airy feel.
  • Plain or patterned: Decorative patterned tiles can add a character and fun into an otherwise neutral kitchen. If you prefer not to use contrasting colours that will pop, patterned tiles can provide the same effect.
  • Feature splashback: Consider if you want to use your kitchen splashback to make a statement. There are beautiful feature tiles that can be used to do so, including coloured and/or textured tiles.

Size and shape

Rectangular, square, diamond, fishtail, hexagonal, Mosaic….Again the choices here are endless. To narrow down your kitchen splashback options, consider the size and shape of the tiles in relation to the space you have available and the design you want to achieve.

Factor in grout and how much time and effort you’re willing to put into cleaning and your decision will be made even easier! Generally speaking, smaller tiles = more grout lines!


Kitchen splashback tiles come in a number of materials, including porcelain, ceramic, glass or natural stone tiles. We recommend choosing a durable material that can withstand heat, moisture, and stains, while also being easy to clean.


Consider how easy or difficult the kitchen splashback tiles you have your eye on are to clean and maintain, especially if you’re someone that cooks frequently. The main function of a kitchen splashback is to protect your walls from oil, grease, water and other splatters, so it goes without saying your kitchen splashback will require a certain degree of regular cleaning and maintenance. However, picking certain materials, patterns and sizes (e.g. large, untextured, porcelain tiles), can help reduce the amount of time and effort required for the upkeep of your kitchen splashback….however it may mean making some compromises on design elements you prefer.


The cost of your kitchen splashback tiles will depend on the material, size and style you choose. Generally speaking, porcelain and ceramic tiles are more affordable options, while natural stone tiles such as granite or marble can be a bit more pricey. Similarly, you can expect to pay more for textured and patterned splashback tiles Brisbane.

In addition to the material, the cost will vary depending on the size of your splashback tiles. Luckily, the size of a typical kitchen splashback is usually somewhere between 450mm – 650mm, so you won’t need to purchase too many tiles to fill the space. We recommend setting a budget and choosing tiles that fit within your price range without compromising quality. The Urban Tiles team can help you find the right tiles for your taste budget.

Finding the right kitchen splashback tiles Brisbane

There are a number of key considerations to take into account when shopping around for your kitchen splashback tiles.

In addition to aesthetic considerations such as choosing splashback tiles that will blend seamlessly into your current decor and finding the right colours and patterned tiles that work in harmony with your overall kitchen design, there are also practical considerations, such as choosing the right material for you and your lifestyle. If you don’t like the idea of hours of cleaning, there are a myriad of kitchen tiles that are low-maintenance. Lastly, one of the deciding factors will be the cost. Luckily, with the wide variety of kitchen tiles available, chances are very high that you will be able to find aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance kitchen tiles within your budget.

At the Urban Tile Company, you will find one of the most impressive collections of kitchen splashback tiles Brisbane. Renowned as one of Australia’s foremost tile specialists, Urban Tile Company pride themselves on quality products customised to suit each individual’s taste and budget. So if it’s expert advice, great quality products and an unsurpassed selection of kitchen splashback tiles you’re after, the Urban Tile Company is the place to go.

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